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Are you daunted by the interest rates your current mortgage has? Do you need to lower your monthly payments? Do you just need more cash? If you said, “Yes,” to one of these questions, then you should refinance your home.

When looking to refinance, HomeVantage Mortgage is the trusted choice. Our home refinance experts can help with the tricky process to help you get the most out of your refinance experience. Each one has been thoroughly trained to get you the results you want. We are proud to work with every customer one-on-one to help choose the best options available for each unique situation.

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What is Home Refinancing?

Home refinancing is when you draw a second mortgage on a mortgage you may already have. There are many reasons why someone would want to draw another mortgage on a previously existing mortgage. Ideally, home refinancing should place you into a better financial state then before your refinancing. When you are done, you should have more cash and a greater peace of mind.

One reason you may refinance on your home is to pay off a previously existing mortgage. Depending on the real estate market, your interest rates may have changed. What was once a low interest rate when you bought may be too expensive compared to a current rate. By refinancing, you can pay off one mortgage and then make smaller payments on a completely different mortgage.

Additionally, you could use the money from refinancing to create more investment opportunities for yourself. If you have a child going off to college, you could refinance your home to pay for some of the tuition and fees. Big medical procedures, new commercial opportunities, even a new boat – all of these may be reasons to refinance. If you need to pay for something and do not have the funds to do it, refinancing on your home will allow you to make that leap.

If you do not think you have the credit to refinance, don’t worry. HomeVantage Mortgage and our team of home refinance advisors can help you along the way. We can talk with your current mortgage holders and try to arrange the best deal possible for you. That way, you’re not left with a bad mortgage and a bad creditors breathing down your neck. Our team can help give you the refinance loan you deserve.