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Why Do Rates Change?

Mortgage rates, loan rates, and interest rates all change due to many different economic pressures. If the economy is doing well, that usually means there is an increase in the federal reserve or money supply. With more money traveling through the U.S. providing people with better incomes, citizens are better able to purchase a home or a loan, stimulating the economy. As more people spend money, the less goods available overall, which makes the market more competitive. Those in control of the market use this time to raise interest rates, which in turn stimulates the overall national economy.

If the economy is too competitive, people can start hesitating when buying things. This shrinks economic growth, which is perceived as a big problem. To boost competitive markets again, interest rates may shrink to entice buyers to buy again. Their dollars flowing through the housing market stimulates the economy, which benefits businesses, which benefits consumers, which benefits everyone economically.

Low interest rates can be beneficial for people in many ways. Low interest rates means a lack of inflation. With lower prices on goods, people can be encouraged to spend more. Lower prices also bring lower rates. This decrease in rates during a downturned economy can be advantageous for people. People can take advantage of lower rates and prices to make bigger purchases. This both saves the buyer money and also leads to a better economy by adding to the federal reserve.

The economy is fluid and tenuous. It’s many contributing factors including the Reserve, inflation, supply and demand, along with countless other impactors like the job market, stocks, etc., create a fluctuation in rates every day.

It can seem difficult, figuring out when you’d like to purchase a home. With the economy constantly moving, evolving, or slowing down, things like mortgage, interest, and loan rates can become mind boggling. However, you can gage a bit of an estimate by researching month to month or yearly trends..

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